ALTOX GSM-4 GPS (For Analog)

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Using Altox system you can control your starting pre-heater remotely using a phone. You can use any mobile phone and landline phones with a tone dialing option as control devices. Certain types of mobile phones (smart phones) can use apps and the option of using Web interface to control the system in the real-time mode using mobile Internet-application ALTOX HEATER (see User Manual).


  • Control of Parking heaters analog signal
  • Switching a heater on from the car's interior via a button
  • All settings are made by SMS commands

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Product Description

GSM control module ALTOX GSM-4 GPS is designed to control autonomous car heaters using analogous signal. GSM control module ALTOX GSM-4 GPS allows controlling autonomous heaters using a mobile phone (setting up a voice call from the phone number saved in the device and pressing the corresponding button on the mobile phone or sending a text message (SMS) and the additional button installed in the car’s interior. An option was added to switch off the voice menu (all incoming calls are dropped) which allows saving balance on the SIM card. GSM control module ALTOX GSM-4 GPS can also be controlled via mobile Internet-application ALTOX HEATER or via other mobile apps HeaterRC and Thermo Call (SMS instructions, START, STOP, etc.). Device version ALTOX GSM-4 GPS equipped with a GPS-GLONASS integrated module that allows you to control the car’s location via SMS, mobile Internet-application ALTOX HEATER and by ALTOX SERVER 2.0 monitoring system in real time (setting TRACKING1).

Additional Information

Weight 160 g
Power Supply Voltage


Standby Current

less than 30mA

Max Current for Auxiliary Output Terminal (OUT)


Operating Temperature

from -40 to +85 С°

Controle via the Internet

Feature allows you to control the heater in real time via the Internet-application ALTOX HEATER ( through the browser on your phone or tablet. Detailed recommendations for configuring the web application and translating the module in GPRS mode you’ll find in «Description of the Internet application ALTOX HEATER».

Attention! If after switching the module in GPRS mode you decided not to use this feature the web control, you must turn off the GPRS mode by sending to module SMS command “APN1:”.


Operational Manual ALTOX GSM-4 GPS (printable version)
Operational Manual ALTOX HEATER (Internet-application)
Operational Manual ALTOX SERVER 2.0 (GPS-GLONASS monitoring system)


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