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The ALTOX EUROPE D3/RRS  EASY IPCU module is an extension to the ALTOX WBUS- 5 GPS /none GPS for Land Rover Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport (through MY 2010). to control interior fans when the Webasto Thermotop V Heater is used as parking heater


It can also be used with any other devices that control the Webasto ThermoTop V Heater on the Land Rover Discovery 3 and Range Rover sport.


If car is without Seat heating, please write in comment, or send us a mail “NO seat heating” we will include connector to connect to ignition at 12V+ power outlet, as you don’t have the 12V+ behind HVAC system


  • Easy to connect
  • Plug and Play behind HVAC system
  • No cutting wires under installation
  • temperature controlled start by the ALTOX WBUS-5


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Product Description




The D3/RRS EASY IPCU module turns on the inner fans.  It controls the fan relay and regulates the fan speed. The fan speed can be adjusted via a trim potentiometer.


When controlled by the Altox W-bus 5, we recommend setting startup temperature for D3/RRS EASY IPCU between 40-50 Celcius , (this is done by texting LTEPM1:## to your Altox W-bus 5) to prevent unnecessary usage of battery power, then fans will not kick in before coolant is warm

Set potentiometer to a speed that equals between level 1 or 2 when using the temperature controlled startup

if used with other devices that can’t delay startup time it should and must only run relatively slowly. We recommend a speed equal to level 1 or less.

we recommend always having a healthy Battery




In order to allow air to flow not only to the footwell but also to the windshield when the interior blower is switched on and to be routed through the heat exchanger, the D3/RRS EASY IPCU module interrupts the control lines to the actuators of the dampers with the ignition switched off. Thus, the vehicle can no longer automatically close the flaps around 2 minutes after the ignition is switched off.


The air distribution when switching on the fan is the same as before switching off the ignition. For optimal warming, the temperature should be set to maximum so that the mixing flap in front of the heat exchanger is completely open and, if necessary, the air distribution on the windshield. The Defrost setting is not recommended, as the temperature is not changed in this program and therefore the heat exchanger flap may not be fully open.




In order to avoid the calibration of the ventilation flaps each time the ignition is switched on, the IPCU module can be switched to summer mode via a switch provided. The switch can either be in the glove compartment (drilling needed) or simply remain behind the center console trim. If required, it can be removed within seconds and gives access to the switch.




The D3/RRS EASY IPCU module is powered/operated in 2 ways, depending on switch setting inside the D3/RRS EASY IPCU

A = +12 volt  (one wire only)

B = +12 volt and Ground as control signal  (Factory setting)


ALTOX Wbus-5

Switch set to B, Connect white and yellow wire from EASY IPCU to white and yellow wire from ALTOX Wbus-5



Switch set to A, Connect white wire from EASY IPCU to brown wire on BAS-FBHIC3


Bells Intelligent FBH controller and other Controllers without OUTput

Switch set to A, Connect white wire from EASY IPCU to the FBH (top left plug, Black cable) because the OLD BAS control does not provide an output signal


Webasto timer

For the Webasto 1533 pre-selection clock, Pin 2 (Out / black) supplies the necessary switching voltage





The simple interruption of the control line triggers a calibration of the control lines each time the ignition is turned on, also stored in the error memory messages.


A microprocessor controlled solution would have been better, but would lead to much higher price. That’s why we choose to make a relay controller, but we do not want to hide the consequences. Calibration can be prevented via the “summer switch”.



The connection of the D3/RRS EASY IPCU module takes place behind climate control unit with the plug and play cable loom, then connected to controller or heater according to instructions

Will only be plug and play on cars with Seat heating, it is possible to connect without seat heating, but takes a little more work

List of cars

Land Rover Discovery 3
Land Rover Range Rover sport MY 2009

in the box

    • Plug and Play Y-Cable loom for HVAC system
    • Cable to connect to ALTOX WBUS-5
    • Summer/winter switch

How flaps work on the D3/RRS

Air distribution on Land Rover Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport works as follows:



The air initially flows through the evaporator of the air conditioning system via which the air is possibly cooled down and dehumidified. Next, it flows through the heat exchanger. If necessary, only a part of the air is led through the heat exchanger via a mixing flap in front of the heat exchanger. For vehicles with automatic air conditioning, this flap is divided into two parts to regulate the temperature separately on the left and right.


The air is then distributed to the windshield and / or the head / foot space via two additional flaps. The four flaps are operated via one stepper motor each. Control is via a control line, the LIN bus. The flaps can be controlled by it and also return their position.



Approximately two minutes after switching off the ignition, these ventilation flaps are closed. This is clearly heard. If you turned on the fan now, then only air would flow into the footwell. The flap to the windscreen is closed.



For a parking heater, it would of course make sense that the warm air flows to the windscreen to defrost this possibly or melt snow. For this purpose, it must be prevented that the control unit of the air conditioner closes the flaps. For this purpose, you can either build a small computer is looped between the controller and flaps in the LIN bus and simulates the closure of the valves or simply interrupt the control line with the ignition off. Even better, but in the development also significantly more complex and expensive it would be natural to open the flaps only when needed by LIN bus and drive back to the starting position after switching off the auxiliary heater. That would also solve the following problem.



The interruption of the LIN bus unfortunately has an unpleasant consequence. When the ignition is switched on, the control unit detects that the flaps are not in the intended, closed position and recalibrates them. This takes several seconds. This is the reason why the fan does not run in the first few seconds and the defrost indicator lights up. Incidentally, the calibration of the flaps is performed automatically every 175 hours of vehicle life.



In addition to the ventilation flaps listed above, there is still the recirculation flap. This is also automatically closed at low vehicle temperatures about 2 minutes after the ignition is switched off to prevent the ingress of moist air into the vehicle. This flap is not controlled via the LIN bus but rather traditionally via power line and feedback of the position via potentiometer. For the faster heating of the interior, a closed recirculation damper is advantageous.



The interruption of the LIN bus has in addition to the calibration of the ventilation flaps yet another consequence. The control unit of the air conditioner detects the interruption because the control units of the servomotors can no longer respond. The interruption is stored in the error memory. A motivated workshop could therefore see the message when reading out the fault memory and go for troubleshooting.


The fault memory also stores four further errors affecting the servomotors. These can be found but also after many years of discoveries where nothing has been rebuilt.

Installation "how to"

Installation Guide D3 RRS EASY IPCU (printable version)


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