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ALTOX TRACKER-4 – GPS-GLONASS tracker for vehicles is designed to determine geographical coordinates of the car and to transfer them to the server end using GPRS technology. If there is no GSM connection, the device saves over 10,000 into embedded memory. ALTOX GPS-GLONASS tracker is controlled via an outgoing call and DTFM commands, SMS (text messages) instructions/commands, TCP instructions from the ALTOX SERVER GPS-GLONASS monitoring system’s interface.


  • It is compatible with Wialon monitoring system
  • Data usage – from 5MB to 30MB per month
  • Saving the route if there is no GSM connection

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Product Description

This hardware package is a perfect solution for the following tasks:

  •  tracking of rental cars
  •  identifying when the driver exceeds speed limit
  •  identifying when the vehicle leaves a geo zone (for example, when it leaves the country)
  •  Control of drivers, records of working time and mileage
  •  GPS-GLONASS monitoring in roaming with minimum costs for mobile communication
  •  Implementation of the vehicle’s engine’s startup via a mobile phone
  •  Connection of various sensors (ignition, doors pin switches, etc.)
  •  Connection to the default alarm system or to the alarm button
  •  Concealed installation thanks to small dimensions of the device
  •  An option of remote blocking of the vehicle’s engine

There is a model of the GPS-GLONASS Altox Tracker-4T with 1-Wire Bus support which allows to connect the digital temperature censor DS18S20.

Additional Information

Weight 160 g
Power Supply Voltage


Standby Current

less than 35mA

Max Current for Auxiliary Output Terminal (OUT)


Operating Temperature

from -40 to +85 С°

Control and Programming

GPS-GLONASS Altox Tracker-4 can be used (with default settings) as soon as it is installed in the car. Saving of the first caller’s phone number into cell num1 follows up automatically (cell num1 should be empty). Detailed recommendations on programming of phone numbers using text messages (SMS instructions) are provided in the user manual.

After you receive a text message with settings from the device write down its IMEI that you will need to enter when adding the vehicle to the ALTOX SERVER 2.0 GPS-GLONASS monitoring system


Operational Manual ALTOX TRACKER-4 (printable version)
Operational Manual ALTOX SERVER 2.0 (GPS-GLONASS monitoring system)


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